Technology, Resources, And Opportunity But Still...

One B.I.G. Problem 

Kids are not excelling in math! 

You ARE Here Because...

You are searching for a solution to your child's math needs. A solution you are not able to attain within the limits of your child's current educational program. You've spoken to teachers, asked for extra work, provided support. You are frustrated and overwhelmed. 

  • Do you feel like... you are unable to provide the math support your child needs? 
  • Does ​it seems like... there is a lack of communication between school and home?
  • Are you frustrated that... your child is falling behind their peers in math?
  • When it comes down to it, do you... feel your child's confidence has taken a hit?

I AM Here Because...

I have the solution your family needs. As an experienced educator in both public and private sectors, I have seen firsthand how hard you work to provide for and support your child. I can take you from frustrated and overwhelmed to relaxed and reassured!

  • I am able to... provide a personalized math plan for your child and easy to implement practice at home
  • ​I provide... check-ins for each milestone before, during, and after instruction
  • I use diagnostic assessments... to pinpoint exactly where your child is performing and where they need to go
  •  I build confidence... by helping your child experience immediate wins and successes so they can no longer deny their own potential


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Vision TEC Tutoring provides simple creative solutions that foster critical thinking in mathematics. Using the Science of Math approach, learners gain skills to increase their knowledge while also increasing their confidence in math.  

Celeste is the founder and lead tutor of Vision TEC Tutoring. She is an elementary certified teacher and holds a K-12 Masters Degree (M.ED) in Educational Leadership. She also has certification in Early Childhood Education. Celeste has over 27 years experience in education.

As an expert educator, she recognizes the need to provide high quality instruction, encouragement, and emotional support to help students be the best version of themselves. Vision TEC Tutoring was birth out of her desire to provide high quality support to families needing a solution to their child's math needs. 

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